Danne Montague King Skin Care

At Blossom we pride ourselves on our results focused treatments and the trust we build with our clients.Danne Montague King Skin Care

For years we have been asked for a range of treatments and products that actually helped with certain skin conditions.

Eventually our extensive research led us to Danne Montague King (DMK)

DMK is the perfect match for us. It works. It compliments our existing treatments. It provides our clients with a range of Advanced Skincare Therapies. It is The Future of Beauty.


All good things come to those that wait..

We believe in the 4 corner stones of the DMK philosophy REMOVE REBUILD PROTECT MAINTAINDanne Montague King Skin Care

We believe that the origin of skin conditions result is the disharmony within the skin

We believe in comprehensive and extensive training of all therapists

We believe in DMK

As you can see from the list of conditions below a number can be treated in conjunction with our existing laser and injectible treatments..


DMK treatments can be used to treat the following conditions

Acne : Cellulite : Ingrown Hair : Open Pores : Pigmentation : Sun Damage : Premature Aging : Scarring : Stretch marks : Unwanted Vellum Hair : Fine Lines


Please contact us to arrange a consultation with one or our fully trained therapists. We can fully explain how this revolutionary suite of skincare therapies work, and match what would be best suited for you, your skin, and your lifestyle.