Epionce Skin Care

Quite simply Epionce was voted the best anti-aging skincare line in the US in 2014…it is now shaking up the daily skincare regime market in the UK.

Epionce has been developed over 25 years of award winning, cutting edge skin research by Dr Carl Thornfeldt, Dermatologist, CEO and Founder of Episciences Inc – owner of Epionce.

Whether you choose one product from the line, or more, your choices are simple. Start with your own skin type to provide a healthy foundation; then customise to suit whatever condition you want to treat or prevent.

Epionce peels are designed to be Medically supervised and only available within specialised Clinics. All nurses and therapists undergo extensive training by Certified Epionce Trainers. This ensures that you get the best treatment or peel suited for you or your condition.

Clients love the “No Downtime” aspect to Epionce. They can feel the benefit of a Medical Peel without having to worry about taking time off work.

Epionce products can also treat the following conditions:Epionce Skin Care
Dark spots : Facial Redness : Premature Aging

Please contact us for a consultation with one of our highly trained therapists. We can advise you on which treatment or product is best suited for you or your condition.