Frequently Asked Questions

Laser hair removal, Blossom Cosmetic Laser Clinic

Q? Do you treat blonde and ginger hair?


          Yes we do. However because of the lack of melanin (colour) in these hair types the areas in question might take a greater number of treatments; plus we may have to increase the power. This will be done incrementally as we have to be careful not to subject your skin to too much power too quickly. This could result in mild burning, so we will err on the side of caution. Although this will increase the number of sessions required, however the Lumenis Desire is the only laser in NI that is powerful enough to successfully treat blonde and ginger hair.


Q? Can I be treated with a sun tan?


           Yes. However we can only treat people with light, Northern Ireland type sun tans. We cannot treat people who have a mahogany, dark brown sun tan that you would get sunbathing for a week in Spain. Also we can only treat you 3 to 5 days after your last exposure to sun.


Q? Can I still use the sun beds?


         Yes, however there must be a suitable period both from your last sun bed session prior to laser treatment, and following on after your treatment. Normally 2 or 3 days would suffice.


Q? Can I have my eyebrows treated?


        No. The area is to close to the eye and the risks are too great. In some cases, and with great care, we can treat the uni-brow area.


Q? I have a red rash after my last treatment, is this normal?


            No it is not normal. However it is nothing to worry about. Basically this is a mild skin reaction caused by your skin being more sensitive than usual. A number of factors can cause this chemical imbalance in the skin; however the most common reasons are – hormones, stress, diet and alcohol.


Q? There appear to be patches of hair left after my last treatment. Have you missed any?


              Generally not. Patches appear as a result of hair being in different growth phases. Not all hair begins to grow at the same time, and not all hair will be in the same growing cycle, even if they are close by. Laser hair removal is only effective on hair in the growing phase or cycle. The reason you have to buy a course of treatments is so that over the course of the treatments we maximise the opportunity to treat all the hairs in the growing phase at least once.


Q? Can I have laser hair removal on my top lip, even though I wear a metal brace?



              Yes. The laser won’t penetrate the muscle or fatty tissue. However some people may feel increased heat. Those people could protect the brace with a soaked gauze or gum shield.


             What do I need to do before my appointment?


           All we need you to do is the shave the area the night before. Plus fill in our on line Medical        History Form. It’s one of the tabs on the top of our home page if you’re using a laptop; and on the menu button if using a smart phone.


            Does shaving my face for example make my hair grow back thicker or darker?


           No. This is an urban myth without any scientific or medical basis. For a host of information Google does shaving make my hair grow thicker?