Tattoo Removal

Are you one of those people who got a tattoo and loved it? But now would rather not have it. Are you one of those people who would like it removed safely?

At Blossom we use only the most up to date and client friendly processes. To that end we have invested in the latest Q switched Nd:YAG laser specifically to remove tattoos as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Previously lasers successfully removed tattoos but left an ugly scarred area in its place. Today our laser can specifically target the pigment in the ink; successfully break it down, and not affect the surrounding tissue.

At Blossom we charge according to the size of the tattoo to be removed; prices starting from £70 per session. However for a full appreciation of all the issues and a better understanding of the cost implications please feel free to arrange a free consultation.


Tattoo Removal, Blossom Cosmetic Clinic Bangor

Tattoo Removal FAQ’s

How does it work?

The laser specifically targets the pigment in the ink. The light energy is converted to heat energy and the ink breaks down into tiny particles. These tiny molecules are then absorbed into the body; and our own immune system removes them in much the same way as any toxin that finds its way into our system.

Does it hurt?

No. However everybody’s pain threshold is different. Most people liken the sensation to an elastic band pinging their skin. Some people might find that a local anaesthetic cream, EMLA, might be beneficial.

How many treatments will I need?

Amateur tattoos are much easier to remove; fading altogether within 3 to 5 sessions. Professional tattoos could take between 5 and 10 sessions. Some colours are harder to remove than others. Black and dark blue are the easiest. Some light colours; white and yellow can prove to be a bit more stubborn.

How often can I be treated?

An amateur tattoo can be treated every 2 months. A professional tattoo can be treated only every 3 months. It is important to keep the treated area out of the sun for 2 to 3 months.

Are there any side affects?

No. the commonest long term side affect is a slightly more pale appearance; but this usually clears within a year.