Why spend billions on lotions and potions?

Every year millions of women spend billions of pounds on a huge array of lotions and potions. These lotions claim a range of promises

“Remove your fine lines and wrinkles”

“Look 10 years younger”

“Revitalise your collagen”

“Boost your skin’s elasticity”

However what the labels don’t tell you is the skin is nature’s most effective barrier; designed to keep all of these lotions and potions out!

In other words if you really want to achieve younger looking skin then you have to get underneath this natural barrier.

At Blossom we have a number of treatments and procedures designed exactly to do that.

To begin you have to understand the aging process. As we get older the collagen in our body begins to break down. Collagen is a group of proteins which hold our body together like glue. It is this soft tissue which keeps our skin structured, hydrated and elastic. So over the aging process the collagen breaks down and  our skin appears to dry out. Collagen breaking down will cause a loss of volume, loss of elasticity, and a general thinning out of our facial skin. This essentially it what leads to the formation of lines and wrinkles on your face; which in turn over time develop into deeper folds and sagging.

Skin rejuvenation.

First we have a skin rejuvenation treatment using our Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machine. The machine fires pulses of intense pulsed light across the treatment area. These pulses of light waves penetrate the outer layer of skin by several millimetres and stimulate the body’s existing collagen.

This has the effect of revitalizing and rejuvenating the collagen; making it appear plumper, firmer and younger looking. Secondly as the light penetrates the outer layer of skin it mildly irritates the skin; forcing the skin to produce more collagen as part of its natural defence mechanism.

A huge advantage of IPL treatments is the broad spectrum of light wavelengths allows the practitioner to use the wavelength range to treat a number of skin conditions simultaneously. This is something which just isn’t possible with traditional laser’s monochromatic wavelength.

In theory with just  one IPL session a client could be treated for sun damage, vascular and pigmented imperfections, and stimulation of collagen at the same time.

Dermal fillers.

As the collagen begins to break down at Blossom we have another treatment where we inject  hyaluronic  acid (HA) from Restalyne into the folds and creases which need it the most. HA occurs naturally in the skin and connective soft tissues where it has important structural and hydrating functions, and is responsible for the fullness and firmness of the skin.

This treatment is called Dermal fillers and is mostly used to plump up sagging skin around the jowell areas; and smooth out the larger folds on either side of mouth. The Restylane filler is injected beneath the skin. HA in the filler adheres to the skin and the water contained in the acid helps to retain volume under the skin’s surface. The filler acts as a magnet for water, which helps to preserve the renewed volume of the skin.

Although Restylane’s HA mimics the skin’s own HA and has a high biocompatibility, thus increasing dermal residence; it is not a permanent filler and as such will naturally be broken down in time and degraded in the liver.


As our skin loses elasticity strong, dynamic muscles under the skin can produce permanent wrinkles around the eyes, between the eyebrows, and across the forehead. At Blossom we can relax these muscles by injecting Botox, under the skin directly into the muscle tissue. Once the muscles have been relaxed, usually after a few days, the skin appears smooth and younger looking.


Whilst not necessarily getting under the skin our microdermabrasion treatment is very successful at removing all areas of dead, dry, and rough skin. Its diamond head gently abrades against the skin and the vacuum pump ensures all unwanted particles are removed forever. The gentle abrading and sucking also stimulates the collagen and the blood vessels under the skin making the skin look younger and more vibrant. Microdermabrasion treatments are also very good for removing acne scarring and reducing the effect of stretch marks.

Chemical face peels.

This is another very popular treatment to break through the barrier of the skin. Well almost. What a chemical face peel essentially does is remove the very fine outer layer of the skin. This then means that the skin underneath hasn’t been exposed to the elements and other damaging factors and is therefore much younger looking. A face peel is also very effective at removing minor sun damage, several types of pigmentation, and fine lines.

However there is downtime and this treatment needs to be managed. Our nurse practitioner will be happy to explain this and all the other treatments at one of our free consultations.